Technology Solutions

Intrusion Detection Systems
From residences to commercial and industrial, we provide turnkey systems which are monitored from our control room SMS notifications available for Arming/Disarming and Emergency Events, all signals have zone descriptions and other data.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
High-Definition systems are available via analogue and IP which means we may upgrade your existing CCTV system to HD without having to replace your wiring, thus lowering the costs. Our control room is ready to monitor your CCTV footage remotely, 24/7.

Access Control with Time & Attendance Software
Biometric, including Fingerprint, Veins, Facial and even Eye Retina recognition systems available. All our systems are compatible with various Time&Attendance software, which may also integrate with payroll systems. We also provide the hardware including turnstiles and boom gates.

Vehicle Tracking with Fleet Management
Our proprietary solution integrates with your fleet for full management. We cater for a scope of a basic monitoring kit to the full-blown CANBUS system. With our response crews at the ready, the system also allows for a panic button in the vehicle, or a personal tracker.

Our experience allows us to optimise the integration between various electronic security systems. Allow us to survey your existing systems to see how we may assist you to get the most out of your security along with any new systems you may require.

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